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Update your Snooper using Mac

Snooper launches its Mac updating software for many of its current range!

1 year ago

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Sat Nav Safe

A recent report by Fleet News reveals that thieves are using stolen Sat Navs to cause even more damage, by leading them to the rightful owner’s home. By logging into searched (or saved) locations, or even following the last route used, the thieves can follow your tracks and find where you live.

1 year ago

Sat Nav Device or Mobile App - Which is Better?

Mobile app stores are brimming with an array of satellite navigation apps, many of which offer attractive features, but are they really as reliable as a dedicated sat nav device?

1 year ago

What is a Laser Gun?

Possibly the most feared speed camera unit within the UK. Laser Guns & mobile Laser installations are the most unpredictable in their location, learn how Laser works.

1 year ago

Is Your Dash Cam Installed Correctly?

Failure to install your dash cam device correctly could leave you and other road users vulnerable to an incident.

1 year ago

How to Maintain Your Dash Cam

We are often contacted by people wondering why their dash cam is misbehaving or not recording the footage they need. So, to help you ensure your dash cam is kept in working order, we’ve popped together some top tips for you.

1 year ago

How to Avoid a Flat Car Battery

Here's our top tips on how to avoid having a flat car battery.

1 year ago

How The Police Use Dash Cams

The Police are using dash cams more and more to prosecute miscreant drivers. We take a look at how they've been using them.

1 year ago

What are HADECS Cameras?

A Speed camera that many people have never heard of will become a very effective tool for the speed control authorities. We give you, the HADECs 3!

1 year ago

What is a Gatso Speed Camera?

Possibly the most popular and well known speed camera unit within the UK, Gatso originates from the Netherlands and created by Maurice Gastonides a former winner of a Monte Carlo Rally in 1953. 

1 year ago
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