What is a Truvelo Speed Camera?

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What is a Truvelo Speed Camera?

The Truvelo is a popular speed camera type across Europe. A forward facing camera, Truvelo is designed to take photographs of the front of a passing vehicle including the driver. It uses an infra red flash’s which are set off by induction loops in the road’s surface to gauge the vehicle’s speed.

Truvelo does not produce a visible ‘flash’ to approaching drivers so can be difficult to work out whether you have been caught speeding or not, so purchasing a speed camera detector could prove vital.

Truvelo Speed Camera Infra Red 

Truvelo speed cameras are increasingly popular across Europe as recent cases of registered drivers contesting fines due to not driving the vehicle at the time are on the increase and in countries including Switzerland, Germany and in Scandinavian where photographic recognition is a required factor for prosecution.

2 years ago
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