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Tips for Keeping Safe with a Walkie Talkie

We share some top tips so you can make the most of your walkie talkies and keep safe.

10 months ago

The Great British Driving Fines Quiz: Results

We surveyed the Great British public about their awareness of driving fines and penalties and the results are in! Read on to find out more.

10 months ago

The Dangers of Speeding

Snooper discusses what makes speeding so dangerous on UK roads.

10 months ago

What is a SpeedCurb?

One of the lesser known speed camera units within the UK. SpeedCurb cameras can be used for speeding and/or traffic light offences. often on a much higher 'pole' than Gatso or Truvelo type cameras.

10 months ago

What are SPECs?

Now one of the most effective speed cameras on UK roads. The SPECs is a simple, average speed camera (although with complex data resoursces!) that is really maintaining speed limits wherever installed. 

10 months ago

Update your Snooper using Mac

Snooper launches its Mac updating software for many of its current range!

10 months ago

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Sat Nav Safe

A recent report by Fleet News reveals that thieves are using stolen Sat Navs to cause even more damage, by leading them to the rightful owner’s home. By logging into searched (or saved) locations, or even following the last route used, the thieves can follow your tracks and find where you live.

10 months ago

Sat Nav Device or Mobile App - Which is Better?

Mobile app stores are brimming with an array of satellite navigation apps, many of which offer attractive features, but are they really as reliable as a dedicated sat nav device?

10 months ago

Revocation of Operator’s Licence for Lack of Nominated Transport Manager

In a decision, dated 4 May 2012, Langston’s Group (“Langston’s”), household and office removals specialists based in Wimbledon, has lost its appeal to the Upper Tribunal against the revocation of its Operator’s Licence by Deputy Traffic Commissioner for the South Eastern & Metropolitan Traffic Area, Miles Dorrington

10 months ago
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